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Ampère mobile

App for smartphones and tablets. Calculation of an electrical line and consultation of electrical system diagrams

Ampére mobile is an App usefull for installers, designers and electricians, which wish to have on hand all the tools necessary for a correct dimensioning and verification of electrical plants. Now you have all the design data available in the places where you need an immediate evaluation and control.

Two usefull tolls are available in Ampère mobile:
1) Power line calculation

Allows a fast calculation of the current absorbed by a load in low and medium voltage, the dimensioning of the electric cable, the verification of the voltage drop and of the working temperature of the cable. The App provides the freedom to set any voltage and frequency (50-60 Hz, DC) power supply, the load type (three-phase, single phase), the power factor and the ambient temperature.
There are multiple International low voltage installation tables (CEI 64-8, IEC 60364, NF C 15-100, BS 7671, UNE 20460, NBR 5410) and as many for medium voltage.

2) Projects
The design file of an electrical plant created by the program Ampere of Electro Graphics can be sent directly to your mobile device via email attachment or by copying the files on the device.
Projects can be opened, viewed and edited on the device and then transferred to the computer with the same tools, and then proceed to upgrade the project using the "Update from Ampere Mobile".
You can then work directly on the 'field' with your project Ampere, run verifications on sight, shooting and storing pictures for each unit, edit useful comments to be reviewed calmly in the office or to send to your colleagues in real time.
The installer can use the app to share with you the project itself, promptly reporting any problems that may arise during the implementation phase of the electrical plant, and thus receive immediately any reviews.

The application does not need internet connection.

If you use Ampère software (desktop)

The line Ampere software (desktop version) can communicate with a mobile device, tablet or smartphone, sending the project that can be viewed and modified in some parts of the new Ampere Mobile. You can then send the project on the mobile device and manage the definition phase of the project with the client, any where, carrying the project and the tool to view or edit the data with the same ease, flexibility and consistency.
The application allows you to:

  • access the main data of a unit;
  • quickly calculate and electrical cables;
  • take pictures with note to be associated with electrical panels and units;
  • verify the user and add a note.

Ampère desktop version communicates with the mobile version simply sending an e-mail to the smartphone or tablet. In the mobile device, you can simply open the attachment and start the application. After changes, you can send the file to your PC via email and so update the project in Ampère desktop version.
In Ampère (desktop version) the Unit data dialog pane conteins the Examination/Test box where you can view and edit the note and comments entered in Ampères Mobile.
Prints are available for the verification of installation: Verification Report and Verification Report (Table), both bootable module in Project Documentation.
Ampere Mobile is available free for smartphones and tablets running iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android and you can download it exclusively from the Apple Store and Google Play.


Install Ampère mobile

Ampère mobile works on smartphones and tablets, based on iOS and Android , and is distributed free only in Apple Store and Google Play.

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