Software for electrical and photovoltaic engineering

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Electrical CAD for

Industrial automation

Electrical CAD for

Power distribution plants

Calculation of LV and MV

electrical grids

Software for design

photovoltaic systems

Industrial automation

Electrical diagrams and designs for industrial automation, from drawings to material list

Electrical systems

Design and documentation for civil and industrial power distribution plants.

Electrical engineering

360° electrical engineering: drawing and cabling, calculation and estimation.

Photovoltaic engineering

Design of grid-connected, stand-alone and hybrid photovoltaic systems.

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Electro Graphics electrical and photovoltaic design software offers effective, integrated and flexible solutions that make the difference and solve your every need. Wiring diagrams, plant layouts, calculation reports, material lists, budgeting and accounting documents interact with each other to guarantee you a safe and reliable design.

Electrical CAD

Electric CAD

  • Eplus and iDEA are based on the new AutoCAD OEM 2020 engine.
  • Power flow analysis on wiring diagram to size auxiliary power supplies or general protections.
  • New marking method with component identification up to 3 characters, according to CEI EN 81346-2: 2020.
  • Generation of QR codes with information to be inserted as an image on the diagram.
  • Flexibility in the numbering of the wires, with the positioning of the markers even in several points.
  • Possibility of undo / redo in the editing of PLC data and in the definition of operands.
  • Generation of PDF files of the diagram translated into multiple languages, with choice of the language to be displayed.
  • Generation of 3D .PDF files of the panel layout for later viewing in Acrobat Reader.
  • Editing of the sections of the ducts, with verification of cramming and assignment of desired types.
  • Generation of single-line diagrams for the representation of MV cells and accessory elements.
  • Generation of 3D .PDF files of pipes with navigation tree by element type.
Electric selectivity graphics

Electric calculation

  • Motor starting with VFD inverter.
  • Management of storage systems with regulation of the energy transferred and absorbed.
  • Transformers with zig-zag secondary.
  • Zig-zag grounding transformers.
  • Use of trip relays with extended ANSI functions.
  • Use of MV cells with typical combined elements and accessories.
  • Management of the cable laying and capacity table CEI EN 61892-4 Ed.2 2020 for fixed and mobile off-shore installations.
  • Use of HEPR cables according to IEC 60502-2 laying and capacity tables.
  • Further checks on measurement TA / TO.
  • Multi-project management with complete, iterated and optimized calculation.
  • Multiple editing of units definition data.
  • EGlink – management of additional unit identification labels.
  • Extension and updating of the device archive.
Wiring harness

Bill of materials and Wiring harness

  • Cablo: Improvement in finding the optimal path for contiguous components in the panel.
  • Cablo: Ability to consider the elevation of the component pins when calculating the path of the conductors in the routing of switchboards.
  • Cablo: Additional data in the wiring table and identification of jumpers between terminals.
  • Cablo: Possibility of undo / redo when editing the data of cables, terminal blocks, connections and labels.
  • Tabula: Management of the language and type of documents associated with a material code.
  • Tabula: Materials list with QR code.
  • Tabula: Possibility of undo / redo when editing the bill of materials data.
  • Deploying and updating database.
analysis of energy consumption

Photovoltaic engineering

  • Management of bifacial pv modules and calculation of the energy gain resulting from their use in the defined installation conditions.
  • Generation os xls spreadsheet fot comparison of the economic return values calculated in different plant projects.
  • Summary and new labels in the project documentation.
  • Optimized development of ducts on the plant layout.
  • Drawing plant layout with dynamic polar input.
  • Extension and updating of modules and inverters databases.

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iSolergo: photovoltaic engineering on mobile

App free

iSolergo is a free iOS application (iPhone / iPad / iPod) and Android, which allows you to perform the preliminary design of the photovoltaic system within minutes, with the development of energy analysis, the configuration of photovoltaic and inverter modules and the profitability assessment of the plant.

Ampére mobile: calculation of electrical line

App free

Ampére mobile is an App usefull for installers, designers and electricians, which wish to have on hand all the tools necessary for a correct dimensioning and verification of electrical plants. Now you have all the design data available in the places where you need an immediate evaluation and control..