Software for electrical and photovoltaic engineering

2019 Series
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Electrical CAD for

Industrial automation

Electrical CAD for

Power distribution plants

Calculation of LV and MV

electrical grids

Software for design

photovoltaic systems

Industrial automation

Electrical diagrams and designs for industrial automation, from drawings to material list

Electrical systems

Design and documentation for civil and industrial power distribution plants.

Electrical engineering

360° electrical engineering: drawing and cabling, calculation and estimation.

Photovoltaic engineering

Design of grid-connected, stand-alone and hybrid photovoltaic systems.

2019 Series: make the difference!

The Electro Graphics software for electrical and photovoltaic design, creates an environment with flexible solutions and integrated resources, in order to respond to the real needs day by day.
Wiring diagrams, bill of materials, calculation reports, plant layouts and budget and accounting documents communicate with each other to offer the tranquility of a safe and reliable design. The best use of desktop and mobile tools, make diagrams and design data accessible in the simplest way, where they needs.

Electrical CAD

Electric CAD

  • CADelet is now compatible with Autodesk rel. 2019.
  • Modular connectors.
  • Multilevel representation of terminal blocks connection.
  • PLC cards with types of operands that can be defined when inserted into the drawing.
  • Improvements on wire drawing functions and automatic coupling to existing wires.
  • Assignment of plant and machine information to functional groups, with typical coding.
  • EGData Exchange: new tool for downloading Electro Graphics database packages (complete set of electrical, technical and commercial data).
  • Protection device with accessory information on single-line diagram.
  • Recognition of equipments with multiconnection on single-line diagram.
  • Localization of the electric barycentre of the loads, to optimize the positioning of the electrical panels.
  • Additional functionality for EVAC and fire fighting networks.
  • Panel layout with combined equipment such as circuit-breakers with releases and other accessories.
  • Extension and updating of the formations, PLC, carpentry and devices database.
  • Sharing of database packages.
Electric selectivity graphics

Electric calculation

  • Calculation of fault currents according to IEC 60909-0:2016.
  • Management of the new triangular and rectangular capability curves for the inverters.
  • New interface for the verification of selectivity between multi-level protections with real-time curve settings.
  • Calculation of the total earth voltage UE with MT side failures.
  • EGCAD: drawing of panel layout on a built-in CAD and saving as DWG (no external CAD need).
  • Printing of technical attachments, with customizable templates.
  • Environmentally friendly transformers according to EU regulation n.548/2014.
  • EGlink 2019 is now compatible with Revit MEP 2016/2017, Revit 2018 and Revit 2019.
  • EGlink: representation of concentrated, barycentric and distributed loads.
  • EGlink: management of several Ampère project files related to the Revit© project.
Wiring harness

Bill of materials and Wiring harness

  • Coding of functional groups for preliminary estimation.
  • New printouts managements and new spare parts lists.
  • Linear or modular counting of cable conduits
  • Multi-level connection diagram between terminal blocks and devices.
  • Extraction of wire plates and components according to KMI and Script@MI standards.
  • Deploying and updating of database
analysis of energy consumption

Photovoltaic engineering

  • Energy analysis of the system with 15 minute accurancy.
  • Importing XLS file of consumption data provided by energy distributors.
  • Further development of optimizers for parallel module management.
  • Upgrading according to new standards and connection rules.
  • Importing monthly loads profile in the Bi-Time or Tri-Time mode.
  • Calculation of the total weight of the modules.
  • More details on string junction boxes in the single wire diagram.
  • Special configurations for systems with microinverters.
  • Bank financing with pre-amortization.
  • Sharing of archive packages.
  • Extension and updating of the module and inverter databases.

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iSolergo: photovoltaic engineering on mobile

App free

iSolergo is a free iOS application (iPhone / iPad / iPod) and Android, which allows you to perform the preliminary design of the photovoltaic system within minutes, with the development of energy analysis, the configuration of photovoltaic and inverter modules and the profitability assessment of the plant.

Ampére mobile: calculation of electrical line

App free

Ampére mobile is an App usefull for installers, designers and electricians, which wish to have on hand all the tools necessary for a correct dimensioning and verification of electrical plants. Now you have all the design data available in the places where you need an immediate evaluation and control..