Software for electrical and photovoltaic engineering

2020 Series
...simply effective!
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Electrical CAD for

Industrial automation

Electrical CAD for

Power distribution plants

Calculation of LV and MV

electrical grids

Software for design

photovoltaic systems

Industrial automation

Electrical diagrams and designs for industrial automation, from drawings to material list

Electrical systems

Design and documentation for civil and industrial power distribution plants.

Electrical engineering

360° electrical engineering: drawing and cabling, calculation and estimation.

Photovoltaic engineering

Design of grid-connected, stand-alone and hybrid photovoltaic systems.

2020 Series: simply effective!

The Electro Graphics software for electrical and photovoltaic design, creates an environment with flexible solutions and integrated resources, in order to respond to the real needs day by day.
Wiring diagrams, bill of materials, calculation reports, plant layouts and budget and accounting documents communicate with each other to offer the tranquility of a safe and reliable design. The best use of desktop and mobile tools, make diagrams and design data accessible in the simplest way, where they needs.

Electrical CAD

Electric CAD

  • CADelet is now compatible with Autodesk rel. 2020.
  • New project configuration management.
  • Bookmark for diagram sheets, with notes, status, priorities and classifications.
  • PDF with bookmarks organized by sheets and grouped by titles, locations, functions or components.
  • Management of equipotentiality bars on the scheme.
  • Wire constraint and wire number propagation between equipment pins.
  • Marking and coding of wire or bar bridges on the diagram.
  • Design multiple-level terminal blocks with custom plans
  • Terminals with three or more pins.
  • I/O modules and flexible management of PLC operands.
  • Data exchange of PLC operands with Siemens TIA Portal.
  • Thermal verification inside panels, with calculation of forced ventilation and cooling.
  • Automatic drawing of auxiliary functional diagram related to the devices used in the Ampère project.
Electric selectivity graphics

Electric calculation

  • Starting asynchronous motors in direct, star / delta and soft starter mode.
  • Soft starter electrical characteristics.
  • Auxiliary elements for control and protection devices on functional diagrams.
  • Square bars according to CEI UNEL 01433-72.
  • MV measurement and protection transformers (CT, VT, HT).
  • EGlink: recognizing cable routes in Revit and cable routing.
  • EGlink: calculation of the optimal route for cables, real length and proximity.
  • EGlink: calculation of overall dimensions of cables and cable duct filling.
Wiring harness

Bill of materials and Wiring harness

  • Cablo: multiple bundled cables connected to terminal blocks and connectors.
  • Cablo: Verification of compatibility of the section between terminals and connected conductors.
  • Cablo: coding of individual connections.
  • Cablo: furthers news in printouts and exportations.
  • Tabula: customizing print profiles.
  • Tabula: quantity of spare parts in the bill of materials.
  • Tabula: parametric export of material and distinct archives.
  • Deploying and updating database.
analysis of energy consumption

Photovoltaic engineering

  • Personalized incentive related to energy.
  • Single plant layout.
  • Flexibility in systems with optimizers.
  • Extension and updating of the module and inverter databases.
  • Service load in plant where whole energy is sold.

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iSolergo: photovoltaic engineering on mobile

App free

iSolergo is a free iOS application (iPhone / iPad / iPod) and Android, which allows you to perform the preliminary design of the photovoltaic system within minutes, with the development of energy analysis, the configuration of photovoltaic and inverter modules and the profitability assessment of the plant.

Ampére mobile: calculation of electrical line

App free

Ampére mobile is an App usefull for installers, designers and electricians, which wish to have on hand all the tools necessary for a correct dimensioning and verification of electrical plants. Now you have all the design data available in the places where you need an immediate evaluation and control..