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2018 Series
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Electrical CAD for

Industrial automation

Electrical CAD for

Power distribution plants

Calculation of LV and MV

electrical grids

Software for design

photovoltaic systems

Industrial automation

Electrical diagrams and designs for industrial automation, from drawings to material list

Electrical systems

Design and documentation for civil and industrial power distribution plants.

Electrical engineering

360° electrical engineering: drawing and cabling, calculation and estimation.

Photovoltaic engineering

Design of grid-connected, stand-alone and hybrid photovoltaic systems.

2018 Series: improve your projects!

The Electro Graphics software for electrical and photovoltaic design, creates an environment with flexible solutions and integrated resources, in order to respond to the real needs day by day.
Wiring diagrams, bill of materials, calculation reports, plant layouts and budget and accounting documents communicate with each other to offer the tranquility of a safe and reliable design. The best use of desktop and mobile tools, make diagrams and design data accessible in the simplest way, where they needs. The 2018 Series is aligned to the new Autodesk AutoCAD© OEM as CAD engine and wants to highlight the strong step ahead, both technological and functional.

Electric CAD

  • iDEA and Eplus based on the new 64-bit Autodesk OEM 2018 CAD engine (new .dwg format).
  • CADelet and Smart are now compatible with Autodesk rel. 2018.
  • New interface for opens file / project.
  • New grid attribute editing tools.
  • Unicode UTF-8 standard on sheet, tables, PLCs and graphical interfaces, for managing texts in any language including Chinese, Russian, and Oriental languages.
  • Parametric macroblock revision management with automatic diagram update.
  • Fast Builder: new features and introduction of variable configurations and online update.
  • Wire numerbering with mark defined by a parametric formula
  • Wire analysis with phase detection and crossed devices levels.
  • Wire numbering and terminals numbering on single wire diagram with parametric constraints and phase indications.
  • Management of alarm, fire alarm or video surveillance networks, with the structured cabling method.
  • Use of SQLite and MySQL database engines for common archives.
  • Integration with Autodesk Vault PDM for check IN / OUT.

Electric calculation

  • Upgrading to CEI 64-8 Variants 3 and 4 about CPR cable usage.
  • Use of differential protection Type B and F.
  • Extension of backup verification also for contactors, disconnectors and differential.
  • Functional extensions on nets with ring: use of cantilevered lines, UPS and coefficients of contemporaneity.
  • Fault calculation according to model with fault near or far from the generator according to CEI EN 60909-0.
  • Managing generator model improved; Vn adjusting to compensate voltage drop on emergency state.
  • Calculation of Ins boosted according with new model for ring grid and adjustable neutral pole.
  • Managing converters with a more powerful model for indirect contact verification..
  • Management of phase and neutral lines with multipolar cables; PE shared among more units by singlecore cable.
  • New interface with ribbon bars and large icons and improved functional layout of the controls.
  • Improved calculation speed with an average increase of 25% and peaks up to 200%.
  • Unicode UTF-8 support on all Ampère reports for use any language.
  • New EGLink plugin for interoperability with Autodesk Revit© MEP.

Bill of materials and Cabling

  • Assign multiple documents to an item code with language selection.
  • UTF-8 standard Unicode support on all Tabula and Cablo reports in order to use any language.
  • New interface for print setting with setting profiles saving and real time preview.

Photovoltaic engineering

  • Management of pv systems with AC or DC bi-directional storage systems.
  • Definition of accumulation management logic both in charge and delivery phase.
  • Definition of module placement areas and exclusion areas, also on Google Maps image.
  • Automatic and parametric insertion of modules on defined areas excluding any exclusion areas.
  • Regulatory and fiscal updates (according with AEEG indications and maximal amortization).
  • Extension of pv module, inverters and storage systems archives.

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Inter Solar

iSolergo: photovoltaic engineering on mobile

App free

iSolergo is a free iOS application (iPhone / iPad / iPod) and Android, which allows you to perform the preliminary design of the photovoltaic system within minutes, with the development of energy analysis, the configuration of photovoltaic and inverter modules and the profitability assessment of the plant.

Ampére mobile: calculation of electrical line

App free

Ampère mobile is an App usefull for installers, designers and electricians, which wish to have on hand all the tools necessary for a correct dimensioning and verification of electrical plants. Now you have all the design data available in the places where you need an immediate evaluation and control..