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iSolergo is a free iOS application (iPhone / iPad / iPod) and Android, which allows you to perform the preliminary design of the photovoltaic system within minutes, with the development of energy analysis, the configuration of photovoltaic and inverter modules and the profitability assessment of the plant.

iSolergo lets you make the preliminary design of a photovoltaic system in a few minutes, with the energy analysis, the configuration of photovoltaic modules and inverters and evaluation of plant profitability.
In preliminary inspection, the App uses the resources of the device to automatically determine location, orientation and inclination of the modules, in order to obtain a complete energy evaluation of the site, using the global database climate.
So, you can proceed by selecting PV modules and their better coupling with the inverter you want. The application verifies all the conditions of consistency (voltage, current and power) between the inverter and string combinations proposed and used. iSolergo can handle systems with inverter with more trackers connected to strings with different exposures.

The software contains an extensive and multi-brand modules and inverters database, with all the technical characteristics necessary for the calculation of the production system, considering the losses due to thermal drift of the modules, mismatching, losses in DC and efficiency of the inverter.
In few steps, choosing the installation situation, the method of connection and tariff iSolergo calculates the resulting revenues. Adding the typical costs for installation and management, with the overall economic analysis, you can evaluate the profitability of the system and the cash flows resulting.
All the calculations are shown on charts and tables easy to understand, to provide the potential customer all the information clearly and complete.
All project data are stored on a file standard Solergo (software for the complete design of photovoltaic systems), and can be sent directly or via e-mail to your office computer.

Install iSolergo

iSolergo is free available for smartphones and tablets running iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod) and Android. You can download it on Apple Store and Google Play.

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