Software for electrical and photovoltaic engineering


AutoCAD application                
Standalone CAD based on Autodesk technology (32 and 64 bit)                  
Job orders and archiving management  
AutoSheet - Fast Builder - Automatic generation of diagram            
Multisheet basic functionalities            
Symbols libraries CEI-IEC, ANSI/CSA, NEMA, P&ID, user and sheet library            
Multi-line, single-line, functional and synoptic diagrams            
Diagram variants: definition of macros, options and profiles                    
Management of diagram variations                    
Marcação dos componentes            
Diagrama de interconexão e resumo            
Manual wire numbering            
Automatic wire numbering (for N sheet) 30 30            
Instrumental loop diagram                
Terminal boards and connectors            
Panel layout              
Thermal testing of panel        
Automatic wires routing on panel layout                    
Wiring list and table, terminalcable                    
Export of labels or plates for wires, terminals, cables and equipments                    
Boundles of connecting cables                    
Multisheet printouts and PDF
Visualization and printing - ViewSheet            
Plant drawing and management of the minimum equipment on the plant              
Lighting calculation UNI 12464              
Multi-line, single-line or radial diagram, block diagram            
Definition of units, conducts and compartments inside conducts          
Single-phase currents balancing and power factor correction                  
Cable calculation, busbar and grounding calculation                  
All electrical systems, suppliers, UPS and armonic profile                  
Capability curve about a single generator or entire system                    
DC calculation, AC/DC and DC/AC converters                    
MV calculation, ring grid, directional type protections                    
Grid states configuration and analysis                    
Protections with electronic releaser, check of selectivity and backup                  
Check of lines, protections and fault conditions IEC 60364 - IEC 909
Check according with NF, UNE, BS, NBR , NFPA 70                    
EGlink - Data exchange with Revit® BIM enviroment                    
Calculation reports                  
Ampère Mobile for smartphone iOS® and Android®                  
Grid-connected, stand-alone and hybrid PV systems engineering                    
Stand-alone hybrid system with auxiliary generator                    
Climatic data UNI, ENEA and international database - PVGIS importing                    
Definition of PV field, inveters and modules                  
Shading and plant layout                    
Consumption analysis and calculation of optimal accumulation power                    
Economic analysis, cash flow and profitability                    
Report and documentation                    
iSolergo app for smartphone iOS® and Android®                    
Bill of Materials and bill of comparison                    
Spare parts list and assembling list                    
Preliminary list and order list                    
Plant technical datasheet