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EG Data Exchange: info and guide

Electro Graphics Data Exchange is the tool available on Electro Graphics software for downloading and installing data packages, classified by manufacturer and series, containing the complete set of electrical device data (product, technical, schematic, dimensional, images and documentation).

EG Data Exchange is an efficient and flexible tool that supports the designer in the search for updates, in the download and installation of electrical device data in order to update the software database.

It communicates with the Electro Graphics server that notifies, real time, the presence of new database packages.

EG Data Exchange data is organized by type, constructor and series. The types currently available are: Accessories, Batteries, Carpentry, Cables, Capacitors, Cablebar, Converters, Generators, Inverter grid-connected, Photovoltaic modules, Terminals and connectors, Motors, Power optimizers, Plc, Cable conduits, Protections and control devices, Buttons, Charge regulators, Relè, SPD, Transformers, UPS.

You can filter the tree-view by type, constructor and series and select the new or update packages you wish to install; at the end of the download, the packages are automatically installed and the database updated.

Starting EG Data Exchange

You can start EG Data Exchange by the icon available on all Electro Graphics products.

CADelet, Smart, iDEA, Eplus

The EG Data Exchange start icon is located in the Articles database toolbar in the Material database window.


The EG Data Exchange start icon is located in the Database toolbar.



The EG Data Exchange start icon is located in the Tools menu.

Tabula, Cablo

The EG Data Exchange start icon is located in the main toolbar.

When EG Data Exchange starts, the software downloads the list of available updates from the Electro Graphics server. An appropriate icon next to the name of the series identifies the status of a series in the your database.

• The green icon identifies a series of items already present in the database in use; currently there are no updates to download.

• The orange icon identifies the presence of an update available for a series already installed in the database in use. The update may include new technical data or new elements of this series. Select the box to download the new package.

• The series represented by the red icon is new and not present in the database currently in use. Select the box to download the new package.

Select the box next to each series, new or to be updated, to set the list of packages to download and install.

Display options

Using the context menu that opens with a click on the right mouse button, you can change the display of the elements. There are two display modes.

By manufacturer: if the option View> By manufacturer is checked, the window lists all the manufacturers present in the database and for each of them the types of archives and the relative series available are listed.

By classification: if View> By classification is checked, the window lists the technical types and for each of them all manufacturers and their series available.

The following options are also available.

View only available updates: if this option is checked, the window view only the updated or new packages.

View disabled items: if this option is checked, all packages are displayed, including those previously hidden.

Open all branches, close all branches: allows to speed up the expansion or compression of the treeview.

Turn off items below: it is possible to hide a branch of the tree. The selected node can be a constructor, a typology or a single series. Any updates available for deactivated series will not be displayed. Instead, any new series will be displayed, even for manufacturers that have been completely deactivated.

Activate the underlying elements: it allows to re-enable the visualization of the elements that were previously deactivated. To be able to use the function it is necessary to activate the visualization of all the elements with the  appropriate visualization command.

Preview items in importing: if this box is checked, before importing a package, the program proposes a dialog with codes and description of the items contained in the package.

Download and install updates

Before starting the download of the updates check the selection box of each packages you want to install. Then press the Download button at the bottom left of the window.

The procedure will provide in a completely independent way to connect to the Electro Graphics server; User ID and Password are required: you can save them. 

Note. User ID and Password data are the same used to access to the customer area of the website They must be set during the registration at the first access to the customer area of the site. Only users with a regular service contract can download updates.

At the end of the download of all the selected packages, the procedure will updates the database currently used by the Electro Graphics software, whether they are on a local path or shared on the network.

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