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New features 2021 Series - Photovoltaic engineering

Electro Graphics releases the latest 2021 Series of electrical and photovoltaic design software. Here are the most important features and enhancements introduced about photovoltaic engineering in the software Solergo



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Use of bifacial photovoltaic modules

The bifacial or double-sided photovoltaic module is a particular type of panel that manages to generate energy from both sides of the photovoltaic cell, thus increasing energy production compared to a standard photovoltaic module.
To proceed with the sizing of a photovoltaic system with bifacial modules, it is necessary to estimate the double-sided gain of the system in advance, intended as an increase in the producibility of the modules due to solar radiation from the rear side. This value depends on several factors; the main ones are soil albedo, installation height, row spacing.

Drawing with dynamic input

In the design area of the plant layout, when it is required to specify a point or a distance, it is possible to enter from the keyboard, the distance and angle (polar offset) of the required point referred to the previous point.


Optimized design of the cable ducts path, according to the lines of the modules arrays.

Compare projects

Solergo simplifies the comparison of the economic return values calculated in different plant projects, and the reuse of the results. Solergo generates an xls spreadsheet with all the amounts calculated, at the analysis end date, for several plant projects examined.

Print summary in documents

In a printout document, the table of contents shows the list of paragraphs with indication of the page number. It is completely customizable.

Customization of table of contents, header and footer in document templates

To change the insertion position, you can edit the desired document template.

Extension and updating of modules and inverters databases

The archives of photovoltaic modules and inverters have been expanded with thousands of new items.

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